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So who am I?

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Welcome to my portfolio.

I’m Scott and I have a passion for photography! I started as a travel photographer in 2005 when living in Germany. I bought a small Konica Minolta for the trip and within the first week I had lost it with all my photos! I bought a new camera and have since photographed Australia, Singapore, China, Taipei (Taiwan) the United States and most of Europe.

In 2008 I started exploring wedding and people photography. I love weddings! I love to capture the emotion of the moment. The Bride and Groom are focused on each other and the audience is focused on them. Everyone is dressed in their best and the location is always fabulous and a lot of fun.

In weddings you essentially need to be part landscape photographer, part portrait photographer, part high fashion photographer and part photo-journalist. You do it all!

My style is a mix between candid and a photo-journalistic styles with an occasional fun set up photo. I prefer not to direct you too much when I can avoid it because if you are focusing on me, you miss focusing on each other and That’s the moment I want to capture! I especially like to photograph you when you’re in your own world unaware of me snapping away. It seems to be that women are attracted to me, I can feel it when I’m shooting. Working out and adding some supplements from  Kratom Masters has given me great results, probably even to good for my own good if you know what I mean. Having all that attention feels amazing but once I’m working I need that attention to be on them.

I hope you enjoy my website and the moments I have captured along the way. If you are interested in contacting me to obtain a quote for a wedding or other photography engagement, please do not hesitate to drop me a line here.